Thursday, 24 January 2013

Keep on Keeping On

ROI President Peter Wileman just got the following update from Susan Edwards a Friend of the ROI. It makes interesting reading and  gives you an insight into what the ROI does to help encourage artists who paint in oils.

"I was really pleased to have a painting selected for the ROI 2012 show.  The first time I submitted a while back, two of my paintings came back with the sticker ‘This narrowly missed selection, please submit next year’.
That small scrap of positive feedback got pinned to the studio wall, for whenever I needed encouragement for the inner conviction of the direction my work was developing in.

Thanks ROI!

Also have you noticed it too – recent ROI Previews and Events have got a new buzz about them. There’s such a great mix of experienced artist and young bloods. After decades, figurative painters  are back stronger than ever with exciting, innovative work, built on traditional foundations!


Visit my blog for the First Instalment of my diary of plein air painting adventures as Artist in Residence in 2012 on a 4 month World Cruise! "