Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Selection Day For ROI Annual Exhibition 2011

The selection day for the annual ROI Exhibition at London's Mall Galleries was held on Monday Oct 31 and here Vice President Ian Cryer gives this fascinating insight into the selection process:

Work for our annual Exhibition was selected on Monday 31st October and just under 700 non member works were considered for the show which opens at the Mall Galleries on 7th December . Well done to those artists that were successful as competition for the available wall space was tight. Some excellent work was presented by non members and young artists taking part in the Windsor and Newton Awards.

It has to be said that some poorly presented work was also submitted and i would urge aspiring artists to think carefully as to how they frame their work and how their work hangs together as a group and the message this sends to us on selection. Our selection committee represents literally hundreds of years of painting experience from some of this country’s  finest oil painters and we take this aspect of our duties very seriously and we do give serious consideration to the work offered.

We have all suffered at the hands of selection committees and it’s easy to take rejection personally but i would always advise artists to take an honest look at their work and consider if they really feel they sent their best work and whether it was presented as sympathetically as it could have been.

Selection at the ROI is a democratic process and good work can just fall short of the required number of votes. In which case a D is chalked on the reverse which means it is looked at again at the end of selection.   A “D or Doubtful” painting may latter be accepted or again fail to muster enough votes. At this point the available wall space also becomes a factor in deciding how many paintings we can accept.

ROI Selection Committee with Vice Pesident Ian Cryer front row right.
 I know from my own experience that from the outside selection can seem such a mystery and i hope these comments are of value to non members wishing to exhibit successfully at the ROI.
Ian Cryer VPROI

The ROI Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London runs from 7-18 December

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