Friday, 1 June 2012

David Pilgrtim Picked to Take Part In Jubilee Celebrations

First a word of explanation for our non UK readers. Our monarch, Queen Eleizabeth II,  is this weekend celebrating 60 years on the throne and up and down the UK there are various celebrations of this happy event.

David Pilgrim AROI been selected by the BBC to paint alongside a number of
artists on the Millennium bridge on Sunday June 3rd.
 They  will be
the flotilla of boats from the pageant as part of the BBC’s live
coverage during the afternoon. More details can be found at here: BBC Painting Pageant

and  here: Thames Jubilee Pageant . As David days: "It should be a fun way to help
the Jubilee! " David is a keen plein air painter.

The last Thames Pageant of this size took place in 1662.  The programme is called The Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant and is  going out live on BBC One on Sunday 3rd June from 1:30pm - 6pm.There are twenty artists taking part. All of the artists have been selected to ensure there is a range of artistic mediums and styles. Those participating range in age between 19 and 70.  We have professional, semi-professional, students and amateurs taking part.

Anneka Rice will be the Presenter on Millennium Bridge leading the item.

Here are some pictures of David's paintings and the man himself out and about painting in all weathers. There's dedication.!


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  1. Great to see David featured. He made a good job of those Jubilee paintings - one of the few that stuck it out and captured the essence of the Pageant.