Monday, 19 August 2013

Date Set For New ROI Masterclass

In 2014 the ROI will be returning to Norfolk for a further ROI masterclass having had two very successful visits in 2011 and 2012. The date for your Diary is Sunday the 14th September. This will include refreshments and lunch for the day and auction of the demonstrators paintings.The names of the ROI demonstrators to be announced along with details a little later on.

The venue at Picturecraft in Holt has undergone alterations but the main attraction in this attractive courtyard is the opening of Adrian Hill Fine Art Gallery which at the present time houses work of Seago, Munnings and L.S.Lowry along with paintings by some R.O.I. members. Initial details of the masterclass can be obtained from Brian Ryder ROI . E-mail or contact Picturecraft Gallery for further Gallery details.


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  2. The name Adrian Hill has fond memories for me. I was born at the time when they wrote with feathers, and Adrian Hill was still hot as a populariser of painting. 'Faces and Figures' by Adrian Hill "of the BBC" (!) was a school prize I received for art at the age of eleven. Hill's friendly writing style and soulful paintings (if a little wonky) bore very deep into my young heart. And whenever I come across it on my bookshelf today while searching more weighty tomes, I still feel a little rush of pleasure; a distant echo of the thrill I once had poring over its pages as a young lad.

    Adrian Hill and J.W.Waterhouse - They're to blame for sowing the seeds of me wanting to be a painter and artist respectively.

  3. Alas The Adrian Hill mentioned here is not the same one you have the fond memories of. This Adrian Hill is only in his 30's and also plays in a rock band!