Friday, 19 October 2012

A Funny Old Job

Being a professional painter is a funny old job and if that's your calling you do find yourself in some curious situations.

ROI member Phillip James recalls the time when he was called in by a client to look at a problem they had with a watercolour portrait he has done of their children. The problem : "Our chidren have vanished! " . When Phillip saw the work  he observrd that the face of the boy had almost completely disappeared. A supernatural event? Faulty paints? No,quite simply, the family had hung  the picture in the conservatory and the sun had bleached out the colour.

Phillip was able to explain the fugitive nature of the medium, tinker with the boy's features and avoided giving a refund!  With future watercolours, Phillip says , he will put a warning on the back.

On another occasion he was painting en plein air on the Sussex Downs on a very hot day. An unexpected gust of wind  picked up the entire tripod easel and overturned the oil painting he had been working on all day. The picture  was virually complete and landed face down  in the field. Phillip was convinced the picture was ruined but his wife told him that, on the contrary,  the stubble and grit adhering to the paint made it a better picture! Phillip doesn't say if he has adapated this technique  for future work.
Phillip's paintings  is wonderfully atmospheric and painterly in style. Here are some examples of recent work, from him.


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