Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Latest News From Provisional ROI Member Natalia Avdeeva

This summer, Natalia Avdeeva participated in the seventh All Russia Vasnetsov Forum and plein air painting residence program, organised by the Kirov State Museum and sponsored by the regional Government of Kirov, Russia.

Alongside Natalia, thirty others were also invited to take part in this fantastic experience. The artists, both established and emerging, came from many different parts of Russia including Moscow, St Petersburg and abroad. The program took place at the end of July and lasted for three weeks.

At present, three of Natalia Avdeeva’s paintings produced during the program now hang in the collection of the Kirov Vasnetsov State Museum. Another of her paintings hangs in the Yrzhum Museum, also in Kirov Region, Russia.

Natalia was the Winner of the Winsor and Newton Prize 2011 at the Annual ROI Exhibition.
 Click on her name above to view her work on her website.

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